Frequently Asked Questions about The No Win No Fee Injury Service

Solicitors often advertise that they provide the no win no fee injury service but at times some solicitors use this service to their own benefit. This article will elaborate on the true meaning of the no win no fee injury service and will answer some questions about free legal services so that you get maximum benefits with no repercussions.

What is the No Win No Fee Injury Service?
This service is basically the same as free legal services. As the name states the claimant does not have to pay any legal fees to the solicitor if he does not win the case and in most cases the claimant does not have to pay legal fees to the solicitor even if he wins the case. The true no win no fee service implies that the claimant is not liable to pay legal fees in any scenario. This service is very beneficial to claimants since it allows claimants to enjoy legal services without worrying about increasing claim related costs.

What is the No Obligatory Service?
This service is an extension of the no win no fee service. If a solicitor offers the no obligatory service then the claimant is allowed to ask questions related to the claim before signing up with the solicitor. Claimants are always advised to opt for this option while hiring a solicitor since by asking questions the claimant can get an estimate about the solicitor’s legal and interpersonal skills.

Who Offers Free Legal Services in UK?
Both independent solicitors and accident claims companies offer free legal services. Accident settlement companies usually provide additional services such as the option to check the status of the claim online and the option to ask for personalized claim related information online. Accident settlement companies offer both the <a rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank” href=””>no win no fee injury service</a> and the no obligatory service.

How Do I Select an Accident Settlement Company that Offers the No Win No Fee Injury Service?
Always select an accident company that informs you upfront that you will not have to pay any legal fees for their services. It is always better to select a company that has helpful representatives who are interested in helping claimants out. If you want to check the reputation of the company then visit the website and look for testimonials written by previous claimants, or else ask for references so that you can contact previous claimants and decide if you want to sign up with the selected company or not. Do not opt for a company that does not either have testimonials on the website or refuses to give you contact information of previous claimants. Good settlement companies will either have testimonials on their website or they will be ready to give you references.

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