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A personal injury is an injury caused to any one either physical or psychological either due to an accident or due to the negligence of medical and dental malpractice and to claim compensation you will have to get personal injury work done. There are different categories of personal injury.  They are broadly classified as:-


1. Road accident or traffic accident.

2. Accident occurred at work.

3. Trip and fall accident.

4. Accident caused at home.

5. Assault accident.

6. Defective product accident.

7. Holiday/recreation accident.  

8. Industrial Disease/injury and illness.

9. Accident at public place.


 If the accident is due to the negligence of someone else, one is authorized to claim the compensation for the same. There is a time limit stipulated for putting up the claim.  Normally the upper limit is given and it is three years from the time of the accident.  If anyone fails to claim during this stipulated period, then they cannot get any compensation.



If the accident has occurred at work, and in the bargain it has made you disabled or less productive work, then one can claim the personal injury claim. The individual due to this accident, can lose a promotion in the job, or may be transferred to a lesser job and may result in lesser earnings or may be he may not be able to work at all. Even if the injury has occurred due to the defective equipment supplied by another company, still you are entitled to claim compensation from your employer.


 The first and foremost thing an individual should do is to register your accident in the company’s accident book.  Then the personal injury assessment and the medical report will decide how much the affected individual is authorized to claim. Photographs of the work place and in case any machine involved is also a solid witness to the claim. Each State has its own laws for the compensation of the workers. They also can claim farm accidents, accidents incurred in the construction of buildings.


The best six steps of advice tips to be followed to get personal injury work claim are as follows:-


1. Report the injury to your employer at the earliest.


2. Record the injury either in the company’s accident book or any other form of informing the injury in writing. It is the employer’s duty to record it with the Health and Safety Executive or their own medical department.


3. Report the injury to the doctor and get the physician’s report at the earliest.


4.  Gather first hand evidence, witness (names and address of the same),

 Supporting photographs, so that the claim can be produced without any delay at the time of need.


5. All the court proceedings should be commenced within three years of the date of the personal injury. In case of delay, all the benefits and claims will be extinguished.  Only the time limit of children and the mental incapacity may vary.


6. Contact Redress at the earliest for the advice and counsel of the same. If any one injured can follow these steps correctly, they can live mentally at peace even after the personal injury.


personal injury work claim
filed on time and in the right way to get your compensation claim.
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