Has anyone had a personal injury claim….?

been given an offer, refused it, been sent for a medical (via you solicitors) and been offered less?
I have yet to go for the medical got another month before the date, shoulder and neck still bad (no faking) im just concerned that some problems might have cleared up by that point and they will think i have faked it all!

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    3 Responses to “Has anyone had a personal injury claim….?”

    1. Entidtil Says:

      Yes of course. That is a very real possibility

    2. Mary Says:

      Yes, it does indeed happen. Both parties really, really need to be represented by legal counsel!

    3. John Says:

      Yes this has happened before. The first offer was based on your description of your pain and injuries and the accident. The claims adjusters usually have authority to settle certain kinds of mid/minor injuries and close the claim. They are paying to shorten the length of time the claim is open. The longer the claim is open the more "unknown symptoms" may occur that they could be possibly be asked to pay for.

      When you went for a physical, the doctor evidently didn’t find anything of great concern so the adjuster is now more confident you do not have a any long term problems. They checked their book for approximate cost/payout for the injuries that were listed by the doctor and it came to less than what you were originally offered.

      If you truly feel you have been injured seriously, get a second opinion. If you are trying to play the game and squeeze the company for more money, be careful. There is a line between negotiating and fraud. If they think are you trying to play them, they may really cut your offer.