Have you been paid compensation for a personal injury?

I have two compression fractures in my spine and am currently seeking compensation, however no solicitor is able to give me any idea as to how much compensation I will receive. I want to know whether it is worthwhile going through all the hassles of making a claim/going to court.
So if you have had a claim, what was your injury? And what was your final payout amount?

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2 Responses to “Have you been paid compensation for a personal injury?”

  1. Chris Says:

    You can submit your case with all the details to http://www.selectcounsel.com and if its a good case they will find you one of the best lawyers in your area. Good luck

  2. rasiaca Says:

    I just wanted to let you know that the first lawyer I called that specializes in accident claims, gets paid by percentage and only when the claim settles. If you lose, you pay the lawyer nothing! He said that you sign a thing that says you pay 30%, but that the other party usually pays half of that, so you’d only pay 15% of the settlement….and only once it’s paid out to you! This was great news to me…
    but to answer your specific question, it was a dislocated knee, which has now disloacted 3 times altogether. He will get approx. 10,000 for the original injury and if we can prove that the injury is causing ongoing problems ie keeps dislocating, lost work time, etc, that is a result of the original injury than he will get more. The lawyer said they wait a year before making the claim so that they can collect the full extent of damages, so you can make the highest and most appropriate claim.
    He does everything, collects all of the healthcare records, weather reports, witness statements, second doctor opinions, etc. …so to me it’s worth it.
    See if you can find a lawyer that does that contingency based fee. Also, he said that most will always deny liability, but that’s strategic so that later they can settle with you, you won’t even have to go to court if you settle, which most people do…so you don’t risk losing or something. So if you have it mind to settle, then it becomes a much less stressful experience and more of a waiting game.