Have you heard about this horrible true story?

ONE hundred husky dogs were slaughtered after the 2010 Winter Olympics because they were no longer needed to pull tourist sleds at a Canadian ski resort.
The killings were reportedly carried out over two days in April by one worker with a shotgun and a knife, with reports of injured dogs crawling out of a mass grave.

The dogs were killed because business slumped in the two months after the Games and they were no longer needed by tourism companies Outdoor Adventures and Howling Dogs, which sell dog-sled rides to tourists, reports said.

"We’ve opened a police file and assigned an investigator," Royal Canadian Mounted Police Staff Sergeant Steve LeClair said.

The case came to light on Monday after the worker claimed post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of killing the dogs and was reportedly awarded compensation.

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Marcie Moriarty of the Society for Prevention of Animal Cruelty, the lead agency in the investigation, said: "The way he describes [in the board’s report] multiple shots and faces blown off and coming back on a second day is gruesome. The way this employee describes it, it’s a massacre. These dogs were killed in front of other dogs that were all tied up."

The man’s personal injury lawyer Cory Steinberg said: "It wasn’t always a clean, one-shot kill. He ended up seeing and having to put the end to some horrific scenes."

A spokeswoman for the law firm refused to comment on the criminal investigation and Outdoor Adventures did not return repeated calls.

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    6 Responses to “Have you heard about this horrible true story?”

    1. Brianna Says:

      OMG THAT IS SO SAD let me tell you a story now 4 days tell chrismas we had just got our 1st great dane 5 days later the person who sold it to use didn’t tell use that the dog had about every diece then he told use to go in the back yard dig a dich duck tape his moth and shoot him and bury it. Of course we didnt do but it was so sad because the dog was only 2 weeks old i cried all day and for the past 4 weeks

    2. False Impression Says:

      Yes, we heard.
      In fact there are already several questions on the same subject.

    3. Aphrodite ☼Need a tissue? Says:

      It’s old news now…been brought up a few times since it happened.

      So what’s your question?

    4. Judy Christofferson Says:

      I can’ help but ask where the guy with PTSD was before this slaughter? I could never do this..and I doubt that any of us could slaughter any animal this way He got compensated, the dogs all got brutalized and dead. Where was he BEFORE the act? Someone should have raised the flag before this horrible tragedy! Why not him? The worker got his compensation, and he did nothing to help those dogs.? Like crying WOLF after the fact!!!!!!

    5. In the beginning God created evolution. Says:

      Yes, I did hear about this. It’s funny how they said it would be hard to rehome those dogs. Yeah, maybe up in northern Canada it would be, but there are plenty of shelters and rescues down south and even in the states that would have been able and willing to help.

      This isn’t something I want to call common practice. Common practice, in my experience, seems to be selling off or giving away dogs that no longer perform or are no longer needed. Are there mushers that cull via killing? Certainly, just as there are breeders who still do so. Most typically prefer to neuter and rehome.

    6. Bussola 56 Says:


      Please sign and share!