help – want to know my liability when i am 2/3rd at fault in car accident?

Hi i was recently in a car crash where i have been found 2/3rd at fault. i was turning right in a t junction, and car coming from my right, was indicating left, and yet came straight on. seeing their indicator, i inched out and banged into their left rear side. the other car had two passengers and all seemed mobile. none of them made any comments about injury and we walked away after exchanging details and some heated comments on fault.

i am now found 2/3rds liable and am ok with that.

i got a call today from the other party’s solicitors who say the party is claiming for personal injury. i have informed my insurer about this and they say they will handle it and say its not my problem and have asked me to worry.

i want to know what happens next? this is my first accident and am jittery. i am fully insured (comprehensive) with legal protection.

any advice/comments appreciated, if only to say not to worry and not to be a bad driver in future!
asked me not to worry i mean!

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4 Responses to “help – want to know my liability when i am 2/3rd at fault in car accident?”

  1. entidtil Says:

    You bought insurance for just such an incident. Let the insurance handle everything. They have many lawyers ready willing and able to defend you (and them). They are experts and this is exactly what you pay them for. Take their advice. Don’t worry !

  2. Christa H Says:

    I got in my first accident a few months ago, so I know how you’re feeling. Since you have full coverage, really all you can do now is wait and let your insurance handle things. Really, that’s why you have it.

  3. TeCh N9ne Says:

    so basically your at fault for the accidnet. if your at fault more than 51% then it is your fault. in this case 2/3rds is your fault. well basically your insurance company is going to pay liability to the other driver, which includes BI (bodely injury). and they will also pay for their car damages.

    Now for you: your insurance rate is gonna go up because your gonna have a point(s) on your drivers record which will increase your auto insurance premium.

    Now for the accident if you have your collinsion deducatble (how ever much it would be) example 500$ ded. this meas your gonna have to pay that 500$ out of your pocket and your insurance will pay the rest to repair YOUR car. but make sure that the damages to your car are more than your deductable.

    your insurance companys claim adjuster should keep you informed on whats going on with the case. now if the other party is pressing BI charges and claiming the people inside the car are injured and need medical attention and your insurance or liability limits are lower than what there asking for i would advise you to get a lawyer. because things get more complicated.

    but yeah no worries just an accident. claims should take care of the other party and let you know whats going on with the case. if you have any questions call the claim adjuster thats handling that claim. he will sort out any questions that you might have.

    good luck, and drive safe.

  4. Lawnboy & Luna Says:

    Honestly, do not worry. I am not sure about the joint and several liability rules in your area, but it is very likely that your insurer will seek contribution from the driver of the other vehicle. See, the passengers are negligent free. They have no liability, but the other driver has 1/3 of the liability, and his insurance should contribute 1/3 towards the settlement. These rules do vary. It sounds like you are not from the States however. In Massachusetts US, if you can prove just 1% liability on the other driver, the insurer must contribute 50% towards the settlement of the passenger claims.

    It is not uncommon for people to "become injured" after talking to other litigous people. The world has gone crazy with bogus injury claims.

    Your claims adjuster will handle the claim. If suit is filed, they will defend you. The only problem you could have is if you have inadequate policy limits, and the settlement value of these claims exceed those limits.

    Just because you were in an accident does not make you a bad driver either.