Hi there can anyone give me any advice i recently bought a hedge trimmer & it blew up in my hand!?

Hi there i recently bought a hedge trimmer brand new & when i got home & started to trim my bushes it blew up in my hand & gave me an electric shock! due to it being faulty i went to see my gp who said it has caused muscle damage so i returned the item to the store & they wrote an incident report form about it & today i have just recieved a letter back saying as a good gesture they will give me some gift vouchers for there store not saying how much for. Im not a person who is out for money but this has caused me a lot of inconvience like not being able to do everyday tasks eg driving, housework & not only that i had just got down off a high ladder so things may have been worse i just dont want this to happen to anyone else i will never use a hedge trimmer again now im even paranoid about other electrical items. Do you think i should take the gift vouchers or claim for injury compensation through a solicitor as im concerned i wouldnt want anyone else to hurt due to faulty electricals can anyone give me any advice please kind regards.

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2 Responses to “Hi there can anyone give me any advice i recently bought a hedge trimmer & it blew up in my hand!?”

  1. frozenbrew Says:

    Get all the documentation from your doctor and go get advice from a lawyer.A lot of lawyers don’t charge for the first consultation. If this is legitimate than the manufacturers insurance company will most likely settle out of court for a reasonable amount. It won’t be a lottery win but will pay for your expenses caused by the accident.

  2. dumplingmuffin Says:

    you should have gone to trading standards,or straight to manufactures with the fault