Hire a personal injury attorney for getting justice and compensation you deserve

Those injured in an accident for no fault of theirs are entitled to compensation by law. But getting justice and fair compensation is not an easy task without availing valuable legal assistance. Under the New York Personal Injury Law, if you are injured due to negligence of some individual or authority, you can file a compensation claim. There are different types of compensation claims including those for personal injury caused due to medical negligence.

Personal injury attorneys are the legal experts who know relevant laws and procedures to get justice for the victims. They are the experts who can guide whether you are entitled for making claim and help you in getting maximum compensation you deserve for monetary losses including medical expenses, lost wages due to absenteeism from job or business and the trauma you and your family is made to go through. In certain cases, you are entitled to punitive damages as well.

Injuries can be financially devastating for the family. Victims of personal injury get crippled by the huge medical expenses and find it difficult to continue with treatment so essential for recovery. The personal injury attorney takes necessary legal steps to obtain compensation from those responsible for causing injury.

Personal injury attorneys handle different accidents, including car accidents, truck and motorbike accidents, slip and fall accidents, accidents caused by defective products, aviation disasters and construction accidents.

Although hiring a personal injury attorney is not binding by law, an injury law suit often gets complicated and you are deprived of justice and compensation for want of proper representation of case. Many personal injury attorneys offer free consultation on contingency basis. They work on no-win-no-fee basis and ask for fraction of amount from compensation claim amount only if they win your case. Hiring services of personal injury attorney eliminates chances of your losing compensation.

Even if you engage a personal injury attorney to fight your case there are certain limitations in statute for seeking compensation. These limitations are the set amount of time for filing a lawsuit. You can’t file a suit after the expiry of time limit. Every state in America has its own statute.

Statute limitations for New York are:

Personal injury – 3 years

Damage to personal property – 3 years

Product liability – 3 years

Contracts – 6 years

Under New York Personal Injury Law, your personal injury attorney can claim compensation for medical expenses, damage to victim’s health, damage to property, sufferings and trauma, and physical injuries. Compensation amount will vary depending on type of injury and damages.

You or your family members should discuss about the injury with the personal injury attorney and understand what you can claim in compensation. Ensure that you hire services of a reputed law firm which has a team of qualified and well experienced attorneys with proven record of success. Once satisfied with credentials of your attorney, you can ask your attorney to file lawsuit on your behalf or find ways for settlement to get compensation.

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