Hiring a Personal Injury Defence Lawyer

Getting a personal injury defence can never be successfully accomplished just by hiring an average defendant in a lawsuit. This is not a situation to experiment with choosing some amateur lawyer. Animal bites, motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall injuries, premises violations and wrongful death are all part of the legal arena calling for a personal injury defense in many cases. While a majority of all civil lawsuits are dismissed as frivolous or without merit, the remaining ones can be financially devastating to the plaintiff without a strong legal defense and insurance protection. Choosing a lawyer for such a circumstance may not be as easy as opening up a phonebook, closing one’s eyes and pointing.

In most personal injuries cases, all of the issues depend on negligence and, in particular, whether or not it took place at the time of the injury. For example, in slip and fall cases, the most important question isif the plaintiff knew about the injury causing condition for a period of time and hence must be proven that he failed to take action. When a person hires a personal injury defence solicitor, the expense they must often incur as a result of their investigation of the facts can often be quite expensive.

Animal bite lawsuits are routinely filed and are also the interest of a personal injury lawyers. Most homeowner’s insurance covers some liability in regards to dog bites but may not cover pet snake bites or some other unusual pet attacks. Certain breeds of dogs may not be covered under regular homeowner’s insurance and may not pay for a personal injury defence lawyer in a civil lawsuit. It must be considered with a great care to understand whether or not actual court costs and attorney fees are covered under a person’s homeowner policy or just the judgment costs. Your insurance agent is the one to explore these legal issues. While most suits of this sort usually end up in pre-trial settlements, there are expenses from the attorney that may have to be paid out of pocket and not from insurance coverage. Check with your agent on coverage limitations.

In the event of a car-crash where a driver is sued for damages not covered by insurance or is criminally prosecuted for traffic violations bringing about injury or death, a personal injury defence solicitor will be required. In this particular case, the lawyer used should have extensive experience in the area of motor vehicle law. In many cases, extra expense will be incurred by the plaintiff for expert witnesses and perhaps professionally constructed models to explain and recreate the accident scene. These expenses may or not be covered by one’s auto insurance and if a person is a bit queasy about all of this expense, an insurance agent should be contracted to explore additional coverage.
However, it is very importantto notice that personal injury does not just describe a physical injury(injury to the body). Mental anguish and suffering brought on by slander, false arrest and invasion of privacy also comes under the interest of the personal injury defence solicitor. Depending on the circumstances, a shopper falsely arrested for lifting merchandise and detained by security guards might have some grounds for suit. You will have to contact a personal injury lawyer who will see if any recourse exists for the accused. Magazines that reveal private information about a person that could be slanderous may be sued by a plaintiff using a personal injury solicitor.
Unlike criminal law where a person who is accused of a crime can get a free defencelawyer if such cannot be afforded, civil law forces a person to either defend himself or hire a solicitor. If a person must seek help in the form of a personal injury defence lawyer the costs could be quite high. Before choosing which lawyer to hire, there are some important questions that need to be asked of the solicitor candidate and what is more important, the answers should satisfy the client totally and completely. First and foremost, the issue of the lawyer costs must be addressed; the barrister ought to reveal at least a ballpark idea of what the costs will be, including expenses and should discuss whether or not there is a way to pay in an installment plan. Next, the attorney’s philosophy for similar cases should also be revealed; usually it is a “go for broke” mentality or a “looking for a compromise” mindset. A good personal injury defence lawyer will discuss the pitfalls and obstacles that lay along the path to being vindicated or experiencing a favorable judgment. And last but not least, a client should trust his solicitor and if there is some semblance of uneasiness with the relationship, a client has every right to ask for a change if a legal firm is involved.

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