How can I become a divorce lawyer or be involved in family court?

I’ve always looked into law and I think becoming a divorce lawyer will be best. What schooling and test,exams,courses are requiered? And same with Family Court?

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    3 Responses to “How can I become a divorce lawyer or be involved in family court?”

    1. hoovarted Says:

      To become a divorce lawyer you need to go to school and get your law degree. To be involved in family court you need to go to family court and get involved.
      Let me ask you a question that may help.
      How does anyone get involved in anything?
      Depending on what aspect of family court you want to get involved with and to what degree, the amount of training and or schooling will vary.
      You could become a janitor and clean the courtroom with little or no training but if you want to become a lawyer you need to start with basic 101 college stuff. While in college they will let you know what else you need to do.

    2. Freya Ross Says:

      Well my mum is a barister so it might be similar. First she had to qulify with 5 gcse then, studied polictics, law and english after achiving high levels in this she then had to go to law school and study the particular law rule she wanted. Arfter passing graduration you join a law ferm, hope this helps

    3. Shorty54 Says:

      If you’re an american, you first step is law school. Here’s a link that will give you a starting point: