How can I find out if someone had gotten a divorce?

I know both names of the people, and where they live. But I’m not sure on exactly where they would have gotten their divorce, if they even did.
I’m not sure on the county, or anything, but I might have an idea. Either way, what can I do to find out about this divorce? Is there any where online to look up, or any other way? All hope is greatly appreciated!

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3 Responses to “How can I find out if someone had gotten a divorce?”

  1. soulsoftrock67 Says:

    If they married in US…you can go to and you’ll get the information you need to know but you have to pay $4.99 if they’re still at this promo price. That’s all I could share to you…only all over US.

  2. Joe N Carolin Says:

    you can try to contact the court house in the town you think they got married in and ask….

  3. Divorced Says:

    Depends on your budget too. You can hire a private detective if you have sufficient funds. Google searches and online websites may be a cheaper option but you can never be too sure