How can I get a Divorce with my wife missing?

My wife left me a few years ago.She totally fed away from my life without even getting a divorce before.Now I want to get marry with new girlfriend.But first I have to get a divorce.
How can I get it without knowing where my wife is? Should a take a lawyer? How much could he charge me for such a case?

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    5 Responses to “How can I get a Divorce with my wife missing?”

    1. kimmy Says:

      i’m not sure the charges but i’d get an attorney.

    2. regjoeschmo Says:

      Every state has its own regulations, but overall you have to prove you have tried to contact her either by hiring a private investigator, or posting an ad in the local newspaper… Again this is determinate on local legislation. A County court clerk could help you with this….

    3. BentAndUnwell Says:

      It can be done. Not sure if you need a lawyer or not. You’re better off calling a lawyer for a free consultation.

    4. mimzy Says:

      Go to an attorney – he will probably advertise in the last known place she lived in the newspaper. If she doesn’t answer (after a certain period), you can then go to court and get a divorce.

    5. TJ Says:

      Every state offers a no-fault divorce, usually call a dissolution of marriage. You should be able to find the forms in your local courthouse at the clerk’s office. Instructions for the forms usually include the requirements for your state when there is an absent spouse. Usually all you have to do is advertise in your local newspaper or the newspaper where you think she might be. It’s not hard, not expensive, and if you have any questions, you can usually find legal assistance is you qualify, or through an attorney.