How do I file for divorce without an attorney in Houston?

I want to file for divorce in Houston but I can’t afford an attorney. We don’t really have any properties in common so we dont have anything to fight for. Do I go to the court and file the documents there?

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5 Responses to “How do I file for divorce without an attorney in Houston?”

  1. Texas Happy Horn Says:

    You can go to the public library and ask the clerk for a book with Texas divorce documents. Print out the documents and fill in your information. Take to the court house and pay your filling fee and get your court date. If everything is agreed upon the judge will grant it at the end of the waiting period.

    If for some reason the other party does not agree or won’t sign the papers. You can contact the Sheriffs office and have them served. Once they are served it is their choice rather to show up in court or not. Your divorce will still be granted.

    EDIT>>> A lot of these people are suggesting services. I too used one of those only to find out the documents they sent where not acceptable in the state of Texas. I tried to get my money back from the company and just got the run around. Be very careful.

  2. franklv_1981 Says:

    Go to and choose uncontested divorce. They charge 249 for a divorce with no children and 299 with children. Its easy and cheap, too.

  3. Dorthy_Gail Says:

    Basically you just need the forms filled out and then you file them with the courthouse. I think their fee is $300.
    You can also go to the courthouse and purchase the forms there, but then you have to fill them out on your own. I’d pay the $300. You answer the questions, they then mail the forms filled out to you.

  4. boilerrat Says:

    Great Question–I’m stuck with a crackhead babys mama- living in my yard- refuses to go – and the Pasadena cops won’t make her leave–

  5. div2wice Says:

    You can try to do it yourself if you feel you can complete the paperwork. Some people have problems, not knowing what to put in this field, what this term means, etc. The clerks will not help you fill out the papers, they are usually snotty and tell you to get a lawyer.
    If its a uncontested divorce, meaning you both agree to the divorce, then you can go through a document prep service like They’ll complete all the paperwork for you, then you take them and file them at the court house and wait for your court date. That’s it…
    Hope this helps,