How do I find the best divorce lawyer in town?

Basically, I just need about 3 – 5 referrals of the best lawyers in my town to visit with them. But there are literally thousands in the yellow pages and online. How could I relatively quickly find a list of some of the top divorce lawyers in my town?

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6 Responses to “How do I find the best divorce lawyer in town?”

  1. magicmattdj Says:

    Every state has a bar association..

    Call them and ask for referrals..

    Talk this over with your trusted friends…surely someone lese has been where you are, and has travelled the same road, they may have a referral for you. Once you get a few numbers together then start making calls and disscussing your situation with those you find…

    From there its a matter of gut- What is your gut telling you? Surely one will rise to the top..

    Also, If you have made the decision to leave, and are set on a divorce, then now is the time you need to start thinking about yourself, and how to make the best of the situation…

    Where will you live? have you looked for an apt? better start now…

    Have you any property youll want to protect? Start the inventory now, so you’ll be able to rationally talk things over with the attorney when the time comes. Take care of your self first, and make whatever arrangements you need to now, before things get heated.

    It took me 6 weeks of planning before I ever said a word, but when the time came I set the date, and knew i had a lease signed on a new place, and even had the rental truck, and help at my side,

    When the day came, she left for work, I left to pick up the truck, and when it was all said and done, I was moved into the new place, and back at work before lunch… ( note to self- put the pets in the new place first, instead of last and scrambling around to get the cat in the box, after they have already figured out something is very worng)

    she called my work at 230 that after noon, completely clueless, and asked how my day was… I said, whoa babe, I am all over the place today!… I left at 5 to go home just as she was leaving her work and being served papers by the sherriff… i got a text message form her saying something about my parents never being married, and I just laughed…

    We were fortunate… no kids, so when judgement day came, I took what was mine, she took what was hers, and it was over.. and I never looked back.

    You will get past this…

    Good luck.

  2. quen Says:

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  3. witherinlily Says:

    Where are you from???? until then I cant help you. I know alot of lawyers

  4. SuperMoto Says:

    Pick 1 and go with it !!!


  5. Long legged Mack daddy Says:

    The best way is through word of mouth. Go to the top 3 or 4 and visit with all of them. The ones that you talk to cannot represent your wife. That takes away the top ones out of her choices.

  6. acjacksonville Says:

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