How do I get a copy of the official divorce decree after the judge signed it?

I live in Tx. They let me change my driver’s license with a copy of the divorce decree without the judge’s signature, but I’m afraid the SS office won’t do that. Where do I go to get an official copy?

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    5 Responses to “How do I get a copy of the official divorce decree after the judge signed it?”

    1. Townes Says:

      My lawyer sent me one as soon as it was available. It took a few weeks. Otherwise the court ought to send you one. If they haven’t, I’d talk to the court clerk about sending you a copy.

    2. CarbonEight Says:

      Go to the courthouse and ask. I think they’re filed in the County Clerk’s office.

    3. good and evil Says:

      You only need your changed license and birth certificate ,old ss card to change it.

      the official one should come in the mail from your lawyer.

    4. Nonny0928 Says:

      When I filed my divorce papers I gave them a self-addressed stamped envelope and they automatically mailed me a signed copy of my divorce decree. You can also get a copy from the County Clerk’s office.

    5. Sue C Says:

      Divorce & marriage are public knowledge. Call the county court house where the divorce was granted. Tell them you want the "raised seal copy", which is the original copy. They will tell you how much it is, send them a ck. with a self addressed envelope & they’ll send you the copies. Remember to ask for the "raised seal copy", this is the original…good luck…:)