How do I get my husband to accept the divorce papers?

The sheriffs department has tried serving him 6 times and he won’t accept them. He’s not returning any phone calls or text messages. Unfortunately he gets a kicks out of upsetting me and this certainly has. I need suggestions on how to get this evil, deceitful man to give me a divorce?

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    14 Responses to “How do I get my husband to accept the divorce papers?”

    1. Cyclist 2300 Says:

      if the sheriff goes to his house…. if he opens the door… they should make him take them….. even if they toss them inside.

      Have them deliver the papers where he works.

    2. merlin Says:

      You can proceed without him.

    3. Michelle Says:

      just file your papers it may take longer but they will move on without him. dont let him get to you and mentally just move on…

    4. MrsRed Says:

      You can go to court and I believe that they can force him to do it or do it without his cooperation.

    5. MERRIYA Says:

      If it’s been that many times, go to an attorney they file the paper work and they send out the papers. if he refuses they let the judge know and he (the judge) signs the papers himself! it’s kind of costly but its worth it in the end! good luck

    6. Peacenik Says:

      He is going to oppose you every step of the way. Even though it will take longer, you have to proceed without him being served. This is going to be a long, difficult process, I’m afraid. Try not to get emotional in front of him — that will only fuel the fire.

      Good luck.

    7. Willa Says:

      Hire a private process server. Sheriff’s deputies are too busy with other things to focus entirely on serving legal papers. Just wait a week or two to let him relax a bit and then pay a professional process server. Women process servers are really excellent at that job.

    8. Quasimodo Says:

      If its clear he’s ducking the process servers the divorce can move ahead without him. He’ll be notified of the case and if he fails to appear it could be considered uncontested.

      Takes longer than normal to ensure he can’t show up months down the road and complain but the ends justify the means.

    9. educated mom Says:

      If he will not physically receive the paper work, that does not stop the divorce. You may still be able to go to Mexico and have the divorce processed there. I know in the past people have done that. It’s different state to state. You may want to check that out. Nevada may expedite divorces also. Or, just have your attorney start proceedings in the court. He can’t stop that. Have it noted on the court docket how many times the sheriff tried to serve him. I wouldn’t get all upset over this. Text him and tell him the divorce is moving forward with out his consent and you are requesting all assets. That will get him moving.

    10. Honesty Rules2♥♥it's on Says:

      Make them into paper airplanes and throw them through his window.

    11. someonesmsright Says:

      ask the court how you are supposed to serve him if he refuses service.

    12. Debbie R Says:

      I am not sure of what the divorce laws read in your state but I divorced my husband uncontested because he refused to accept the papers that the Sheriff’s Department tried to serve on him. Ask your attorney for advice.

    13. A. Says:


      Listen, I understand. Although you are describing an "ex" boyfriend–I know this vengeful, spiteful, immature type. You are "balls to the wall" right, he is only trying to get a rise out of you. Remember angel, there is always more than one way to skin a cat. Ban together with another attractive woman and go into ‘Operation: Gotcha….’

      Where does he hang out, where does he work? Offer a very pretty woman $50-100 (get her off Craig’s List)…write a very "vague" post offering the $50-100 for a "covert operation", ask the person to respond with a photo, write back and ask for her number and tell her you need to voice verify, take her for coffee at Starbucks–make sure it’s in the area where he lives or works or even goes for a drink, tell her the issue and that she will be paid once she flirts and is able to SERVE him–throw in an incentive like dinner (you two can have a laugh once the job is done)….catch him with bait–all men fall for women…it may take a few weeks to orchestrate, but continue to call him because if you stop abruptly, he will know something is askew. Keep it status quo until you find the bait–

      She can flirt one day as he exits work, then go to offer her number and voila! Served.

      Don’t rush, it’s been this long, surely another week or two won’t hurt for a positive end result.

      All the very best!

    14. CoeyG Says:

      He doesn’t HAVE to return any phone calls or texts from you. He doesn’t HAVE to accept service from the sheriff’s department. The fact that he gets a kick out of it is YOUR problem. You can’t MAKE him accept the papers. I suggest that you go to the court, get the paper work to have a friend mail the papers. You need 5 or 6 copies of these forms, One you fill out for your friend to sign and keep, two go with the papers in the mail, one is for him to keep the other is for him to sign and send back, one copy YOU fill out and keep another copy or two go to the court. Then you give the papers to the friend/acquaintance along with the amount it costs to register and send the papers certified mail. He will then HAVE to accept them because the postal carrier will indicate that they were delivered to his address and that indication will be sent to you and you will have to take that to the court as proof over service. In no way are YOU to mail the papers, you do so and that makes the filing null and void.