How do I start to file for a divorce in Texas? I don’t know where to start?

I need to file for a divorce, I have been putting it off. We have kids however we have already been through the attorney general to settle that issue. I need to know what steps I need to take. Im low on funds and heard that you can download forms on line and do it that way. Is that true I don’t want to do anything wrong any my ex and I are at an agreement to get this done.

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    11 Responses to “How do I start to file for a divorce in Texas? I don’t know where to start?”

    1. Breezy Says:

      Go to
      I’m pretty sure that is the site I went to for my divorce. It was a reasonable price, and REALLY easy.
      Especially if you’re both in agreement, it will ask you all the questions and will mail you all the documents you need to serve him with the divorce, and tells you what steps you need to make with the court and everything.
      I had no idea what I was doing either, and it made it really easy for me.

    2. Kara S Says:


    3. scaredofrejection Says:


    4. Dimitar A Says:

      go to your local courthouse and get copies of the forms. They will probably have instructions as well.

    5. kenny Says:

      get a lawyer

    6. Masonic Knight Says: ?

    7. Leslie Y Says:

      If nothing is contested, hire 1 attorney, for the both of you, and split the cost. You can get your divorce for cheap bigtime if its not contested. talk to you husband. see if he agrees.

    8. Brads Honey Says:

      I got my divorce in Texas.

      You can go to the public library and they have books that tell you how, and in the book there is a CD with the papers on it, and you just print them from the CD. Or they’re right there in the book itsself and you photo copy them out of the book.

      You can file them at the courthouse.
      Call before-hand to ask what part of the courthouse to take your papers to.

      My ex and I agreed on the terms of the divorce, so he filed the papers in May and the divorce was final in August.

    9. Gypsy Red Says:

      Go to this website
      Also there are lots of how to books that you can get at your local library.
      Good Luck

    10. emberstoashes_04 Says:

      Hire one lawyer and split the cost. Negoiate his/her fees on your limited funds. The lawyer will officially represent one of you, but if you are in agreement, the job is easy. You have lots of tough questions ahead of you, be diligent.

    11. Barry Says:

      Well that is great that you both have already settled everything, it sure makes it easier.
      You can use a document prep site, they’ll prepare the forms for you then you’ll file and serve them. Pretty simple and low cost.
      Here’s a link to your state laws, it may help you: