How do mother of three children handle things after divorce?

My husband had an affair and I am considering divorce if we cannot work things out and improve our relationship. However, we have 3 kids and I would like to hear from other moms who have had to care for 3 children alone. Is it manageable. They are all 9 and under.

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    9 Responses to “How do mother of three children handle things after divorce?”

    1. nora Says:

      yes you can. you put the father on child support, get a job and take care of your kids. im a single mother and its a hard but rewarding job.

    2. Arun Says:

      Why do you need to care for all three children alone? What about the father?

    3. Piglet Says:

      By not divorcing, and remembering how much she needs him.

    4. Jordan M ش١٩٧٦ Says:

      Just imagine the world for a second….Imagine single mothers with children for a moment….Have you any idea how many single mothers there are raising several children all alone? This situation is not unique. You do what you have to do for your children to make sure they are safe, fed, loved, clothed and sheltered. What do you think other single mothers do? Fold like a cheap suit? Put on those big girl pants and get to work raising your children. Happens everyday.

    5. klee26 Says:

      I have 3 children too. It’s hard at first but manageable. I agree with Jordan, well said.

    6. Faber Leons Says:

      It clearly sounds like to me that you are stating that you are exing out your husband from not only your life but your child’s lives as well. Can you spell vindictive?

      Unless you want to expand on your question

    7. RuthAnn Says:

      So much of this depends on the details of the affair. If it was truly a fling and not something he is likely to repeat hang in there. It depends too, on if he apologized and is sorry. Some guys do make mistakes. Yes, U have lost a lot of trust, but if he loves the kids and is a good provider think long and hard about this. If there is still civility and some respect and helpfulness to the relationship, consider counseling. It also depends on what life life was before the affair. Each case is unique and U have to think about this seriously.
      If he was beating U or had a drinking problem, then I’d say U could try it on your own. Lots of moms make it out there. But if U can not count on child support then U might need a good paying job. Talk to a lawyer for sure if U want to leave or kick him out.

    8. Beth Says:

      You are stronger than you think. Right now the circumstances seem insurmountable – but you’ll be surprised how much better it can be on the other side if you do choose to divorce.
      Only you know what you can live with, and if your husband is truly remorseful and wants to put your relationship first again & you choose to stay with him.
      First things first… the hard part… sit down with yourself and decide what it is that you really want. Not WHO you want, because you cannot be in a relationship by yourself if this is something he doesn’t want. Put yourself first & don’t let anyone treat you like a victim or make decisions for you. Take control of your life! You can do it!!

    9. murrayskeeter Says:

      Involving your child in the decision making process of the custody and visitation arrangements is highly recommended. If parents cannot decide between themselves on any terms of the divorce, the court will decide for them, and the courts always give serious consideration to the wishes of the child when delivering a ruling.