How do we keep track of my wills?

If I have made out more than one will, hiw does the courts know that my latest will actually is my last will?

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    4 Responses to “How do we keep track of my wills?”

    1. Ingrid Says:

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    2. blackcat Says:

      Wills are supposed to be ammended. The one with the latest date would probably be the one considered the most accurate- even if they don’t reflect the same information.

    3. Common Sense Says:

      They have dates on them, don’t they?

    4. Pal Says:

      Where are they? They should be in your lockbox, in you lawyers lockbox or filed with the court in the county where you live. Destroy all previous wills and add an adendum to the current one stating that it is your last will and all preceding wills are null and void. Have it witnessed just as you did the will itself then keep the original under lock and key. Keep a marked copy in your papers at home with a note as to where the original is stored so your heirs can file it for probate when the time comes.