How do you file a complaint against an attorney/law firm?

This attorney handled my mom’s personal injury claim. My brother and I asked to settle instead of going on for years in litigation. She passed away a year ago today. I have yet to see this money. When she doesn’t know something, she ignores it and has caused me to borrow on this loan because of her insistence that it was going to be settled early this year. Well, I want to file a complaint against her and the firm but don’t know how to or where or if I even have a case against her. I believe she was negligent in her duties and was dishonest and not forthcoming with information when asked. Mostly just giving me lip service and being lazy. The other associates in the firm were condesending and brushed me aside as well. What to do…Any suggestions?

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4 Responses to “How do you file a complaint against an attorney/law firm?”

  1. Hater Police Says:

    Contact your local Bar Association (lawyer’s oversight group) and your state’s Attorney General’s office to ask for help.

  2. Lisa S Says:

    It depends on your state, but the claim was hers, and may have expired with her. In that case, you have no claim.

    Aside from the state Bar Association, or Trial Lawyers Association, I don’t think legally you can do much.

    Good luck.

  3. mizjay04 Says:

    Go to the ABA (American Bar Associations) website. While there, look for the "board of ethics" contact information. Contact them and tell them know that you want to file a formal complaint and a malpractice action against the Law Firm AND the attorney. (Cast a big net! If you lose one you have the other). Furthermore, you might want to contact another lawyer concerning your mothers action. Even though it has been a year, the suit was filed before your prescription date which is typically one you after the accident. When the suit is filed, the prescription ( known as the statue of limitations in most states) is interrupted.

  4. LovesTheConstitution Says:

    If the attorney represented your mother, she may have no obligation to you at all. Unless you are a party to the lawsuit and represented by that attorney, the attorney should not answer to you.

    Any settlement in a lawsuit might go to your mother’s estate. If you are represented by an attorney in the estate, speak with your attorney. If the probate court has appointed an executor or administrator of the estate, speak with that executor or the executor’s attorney on this matter.

    The attorney handling the estate should inquire of the attorney who initiated the lawsuit for your mother about the status of the settlement.