How do you get a divorce uncontested or anulled?

A friend of mine is interested in getting an annulment or a uncontested divorce. Her husband is in jail. Does this make it harder to do this?

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3 Responses to “How do you get a divorce uncontested or anulled?”

  1. Hal Says:

    Annulment is separate from a divorce, and requires different things to qualify, and depends on the law of your state.

    In an uncontested divorce, both sides sign the papers, and usually neither side is served with papers.

    But this is likely to be easiest to do as contested divorce. Judges are very unlikely to sign paperwork to get someone out of prison to come to a divorce trial. So the easies, quickest thing is to file for divorce, have husband served with papers, set it for trial, and when husband doesn’t show up, just ask the judge to sign the papers your friend brought.

  2. Sunshyne Says:

    go to the courthouse to file.

  3. Willa Says:

    Annulment has specific parameters that must be met. She can go online in her state and check and see if she qualifies for an annulment. Otherwise, she can just file for divorce. Uncontested or contested is not an issue unless she’s in NY state. No fault divorce makes it easy to file and get a divorce. The husband will actually be easier to serve in prison than if he were out on the loose and avoiding service.