How do you go about a divorce when their is children involed?

I need to know about how to go about a divorce with 3 minor children involved. The father says he will dispute if their is anything about custody or support. He don’t take care of the kids anyways. I have been involved in a relationship with a guy who takes care of the children, and the father only calls to talk to me not to the children. What should I do? And how would I go about filing for the divorce and soul custody. Meant to tell you we have been seperated for over a year now.

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8 Responses to “How do you go about a divorce when their is children involed?”

  1. dogbone Says:

    Go to and select your state. They have many state specific handbooks that contain the instructions and forms. The divorce handbooks are written by attorneys and include legal advice too.

  2. Libby Says:

    a lawyer, I know they’re expensive but they’re the only way

  3. Ender Wiggins Says:

    Give the kids up for adoption and get a hysterectomy

  4. Their mommy! Says:

    If you don’t want a huge fight that you may not win, you file as the custodial parent with joint legal decision making and provide him with reasonable visitation. He can dispute child support all he wants, a judge will be determining how much he is to pay you.

    Depending on your state, you can either print the paperwork off online or go down to the courthouse and they will tell you which forms you’ll need. You fill them out and return them with a fee (if you’re low income you can get it waived). Then he’s served…and the fighting begins. He will either contest the custody paperwork or not – he cannot contest the divorce or child support paperwork.

  5. John R Says:

    Think of your kids through this. File for the divorce and if the kids have been with you the whole time you have been separated then you should get sole custody anyways. He will have to fight for shared custody.

  6. Heatherrrrrrrr Says:

    So he will fight anything just to fight you? Ask him what he wants to do? Does he care to see the children? Does he want joint custody? If you let him think he is in control then he will back down. But if he think he is pushing your buttons then he will keep doing it just to piss you off. I do have to say your spelling and grammar is pretty bad. I would suggest seeing lawyer and not do this yourself or you will get screwed and not in a good way.

  7. Your Uncle Dodge! Says:

    1. You should file for full custody and legal, but be willing to share legal custody, as the father’s fight stance intended to make you fear him is fruitless. There are state laws that determine what child support will be set at for three kids, and you are the one whom is doing the raising. You need to be working so if child support takes time to get rolling that you are not devastated in the account goes into arrears. Try not to mention the boyfriend much either, as infidelity is a small strike against you in court.

    Get a non- big name lawyer whom will actually work for you. Your post suggests that you are not too strong in law or writing. Good luck to you and your kids.

    2. AFTER THE DIVORCE: You should always be gracious about visitation, and always insist that he do any talking about finances and concerns over how to raise the children to the adults ONLY, leaving the kids out of it. NEVER run his name down in front of the kids. Make sure he gets to have fun with the kids if he changes his demeanor.

  8. murrayskeeter Says:

    Look for lawyers that are willing to put the needs of the children first are the best option you have. If you have a lawyer who seems unconcerned about the decisions involving your children then you need to find a new lawyer very quickly.