How do you view wills without going to that city?

I just found out that an uncle of my mother’s passed away two years ago. He loved my mother so much but he became sick and had alzheimer’s. I just searched his name and he is listed as deceased. She was his only family left besides his girlfriend.

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2 Responses to “How do you view wills without going to that city?”

  1. wendy c Says:

    any probate file is in the locality where the person died.. and you don’t indicate if you live in the US or UK.
    As far as the US.. the fact that someone died, is not proof that they had a will, or even a probate. A will is only there if/ when someone WROTE one. A person who died, and who has property but no will, died "intestate", and the state determines who is the actual next of kin.
    It is not impossible that he could have transferred any property or estate to the girlfriend, prior to his death. That way, he technically has no estate to be dealt with. There are many possibilities.
    In any event.. probate records are not normally online, so you don’t have much of an option, except for hiring someone to look for you.

  2. kitty_kat4602000 Says:

    he left someone in charge of things, once he died…if he left anything to your mother, that person would contact your mother……………………IF he left a will………..if not and he lived with his g/f the g/f likely get it all, as after a certain time living with someone, entitles the partner to the same right and privileges a wife has, in this case