How long after a legal adoption does a separation, then divorce seem as intent?

If a man adopts his current spouse’s children to play the acting role as the father and then 19 months to the day, she declares she wishes to have a divorce, thus forcing this man to pay Child Support on 2 kids that the previous father did not pay for. Separation ensues and a few months later divorce. Can this be understood by the courts as intent or anything along those lines?

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    3 Responses to “How long after a legal adoption does a separation, then divorce seem as intent?”

    1. George McCasland Says:

      This is very common, but there is no case law to refer to in an effort to overturn the adoption. That is not to say it cannot be attempted. He could try for custody.

    2. Candie Barr Says:

      I don’t know how long but if the man adopted the womans child the man would then have the same rights as a biological parent would meaning you would have to pay child support, can fight for sole custody or joint custody of said child. I personally don’t get why you would adopt your spouse’s child anyway.

    3. SIX6UN Says:

      One of the oldest tricks (crimes?) in American Civil Justice – sticking adoptive daddy with decades of child support. You’re all into the 19 months! She didn’t need to wait that long, heck, she could have pulled the trigger after one day! Don’t you just love, love it. Sorry.