How long do i have to wait after divorce to marry again in state of california?

my boyfriend is not diorce yet , even though they had been seprated for last 3 years . we decided to get married . how long do we have to wait after his divorce to be able to married in state of california?

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    7 Responses to “How long do i have to wait after divorce to marry again in state of california?”

    1. Central Ohio Professional Says:

      Under California law there is a statutory "waiting period" of six months before the parties to a dissolution proceeding are legally returned to the status of single persons. The parties may not remarry until this waiting period has expired.

      The six-month period begins on the date the respondent was served with the appropriate documents or appeared in court, not from the date of filing. Many dissolution actions are resolved before the six-month period has elapsed. In such cases a judgment of dissolution can be obtained immediately.

      All of the orders contained in the judgment are effective when made except the order, which restores the parties to single person status. The judgment will contain the specific date on which the parties will be free to remarry.

      However, NOTHING AUTOMATIC HAPPENS IN SIX MONTHS! In order to remarry, or to be single, a judgment of dissolution must be obtained which requires either a trial or a settlement. You can not just wait for six months and expect such a judgment to go into effect automatically-It wont! You must actually agree on such a judgment or take the case to trial.

      In the event that the case can not be settled and you wish to be single for the purposes of either remarrying or filing taxes as single, you can ask your attorney to apply for something called a "Bifurcation" where the court grants your divorce, but reserves jurisdiction over all other issues for future determination. Sometimes the court will grant such a bifurcation subject to certain conditions.

    2. happy 1 Says:

      has he even filed yet? funny thing you can’t marry him without the divorce decree.

    3. finding_favor Says:

      6 months, 1 day.

    4. Ash-a-licious Says:

      you can get married the same day the divorce is finalized!! As soon as he’s legally divorced he can remarry!

    5. BikerChick Says:

      YOU HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL HE HAS THE FINAL DECREE in his hands in order to get married. If he still has not even filed, this process takes at least a year, more if she contests it. They are still LEGALLY MARRIED no matter how long they have been apart, so they have to LEGALLY get a divorce. That is true no matter what state you are in.

    6. WOW Says:

      GHeeezzz..What kinda TRALER Park do your rednecks live in?

    7. lorisam7879 Says:

      CA has a mandatory 6 month waiting period after filing for divorce. This means he’ll have to file for divorce, then wait 6 months before he’s legally divorced. After he receives the final divorce decree you two can marry.
      Keep in mind, things will go smoothly and quickly if its uncontested. If his wife fights/contests the divorce it could go on for years.