How long does a divorce take in Indiana from filing for a separation?

I have filed for a divorce by myself (pro se) in the State of Indiana with agreement on all issues, no children, no property to divide, no debt to split, no contest, etc. How long does it take from filing the initial papers to the hearing and finally declaring the divorce finalized?

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    One Response to “How long does a divorce take in Indiana from filing for a separation?”

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      To have this question answered, you will either need an attorney that practices in the city where the divorce is taking place so that he knows the court system there or you will have to speak to the management offices of the court.

      While some states have a time period that divorce cases must sit before being heard by a court, the real issue is how booked up the court dockets are. Currently, a few states are backed up as far as 1 to 1 1/2 years out.

      Another factor in the equation is if both parties will remain in agreement to the end. If one party does not stay in complete agreement then you can expect the process to be lengthened.

      Unfortunately, there are so many variables involved here that really no one will be able to give you a straight answer.