How long does a divorce take to be finalized?

OK we didn’t get a lawyer because we are filing a joint petition, non-contested dissolution. His aunt, who works for the prosecuting attorney, is helping us with all the paperwork. We have been separated for 13 months now. We finally got all the paperwork finalized and now need to file it. Any ideas how long it might take to be finalized? We live in MO. We have no children; it should be a very simple and easy divorce.

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5 Responses to “How long does a divorce take to be finalized?”

  1. WRG Says:

    In MO depending on the court calender 30-60 days.

  2. A-to-the-U Says:

    Could take a long time.

  3. laughter_every_day Says:

    Depends on how the court is organized and the work load and many other factors. Could be 20 minutes and could be many months.

  4. Annie G Says:

    That depends. In Iowa, the wait is at least 90 days from the date of filing. Then it’s a matter of waiting to be put on the court docket.

  5. lillllbit Says:

    It varies from place to place. When you file an original petition for divorce there is usually an amount decreed by statute (sixty days in Texas, for example) for how long the divorce must be on file before it can be considered by the court. If you have a final decree of divorce signed by both you and your ex-spouse to be, take it to the court it is filed in and ask that the judge sign the order for divorce or set it for hearing. In some places judges will sign the order for divorce if both parties have agreed to it in writing and some require that there be a hearing. If a hearing is required, it is pretty much up to the discretion of the court and it depends on how booked up the court docket is. It just depends. Once the judge signs the order, it basically *is* final and you are officially divorced. I think that the finalization to which you are referring is really just the time period after the divorce, usually thirty days, in which you may not remarry unless you are remarrying the person you just divorced. There’s not a waiting period if you remarry the same person again…