how long does a workers comp/ personal injury case take?

i was burned at work on 2/3 of my arm 1st and 2nd degree burns. i was giving a required drug test as part of the workers comp claim and failed (pot). after i was terminated immediately with out workers comp or unemployment benefits. i called a lawyer and he believes i have a case either for workers comp payments of a personal injury. i was burned by there negligence. (other employee left something on the bench). how long will a process like this take, and do i have a good chance at a case? my family and i are in great emotional stress and i am in physical pain as well. please no smarts asses, i know no more smoking weed. thanks
i really would appreciate adult answers. i was a very occasional smoker weekends only. my direct supervisor left the building for the day, leaving me alone in the building without offering anything to help. he actually made jokes about it. i had my arm in a 5 gal bucket when he left. that was friday they did nothing about it to the following monday, and still did not offer treatment un that tuesday when i walked into the owners office and said "do something about this" all upper management saw it, and said boy that looks bad. so… thats that

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    2 Responses to “how long does a workers comp/ personal injury case take?”

    1. Landlord Says:

      You will not get anything with such a minor burn. A sun burn can be second degree. It does not help that you are a doper. That attorney is just another shark, looking for your retainer. I would bet good money is not working for free.

    2. Libraryanna Says:

      That’s a question for the lawyer. It would be covered under worker’s comp, unless your state has a law that there is no WC if you are stoned. That would probably only apply if being stoned was the cause of your injury.

      WC means you get immediate medical care, but you can’t sue for pain and suffering. If you have a permanent disability, which isn’t likely, you might be able to get some money. If you end up with scars, it would be a small amount. So if you are looking for a big dollar settlement, it’s not going to happen. Even if you filed a lawsuit, it wouldn’t be much. First and second degree burns usually heal pretty quickly with no or minimal scarring.

      Call a specialist in WC. The attorney you called doesn’t sound like he knows enough to handle that kind of case.

      In either case, lawsuit or WC, your family won’t get anything. (Unless they are so upset that they had to have psychiatric care, but it would be tough to prove your accident cause it rather than finding out you were smoking pot.)