how long does an insurance adjuster have to settle a personal injury case with a lawyer?

i was in a car accident many many monthes ago. We were rear ended on a freeway.
Got a PI lawyer, and apparantly the claim has changed adjuster hands a few times.
Does the adjuster have a time limit on when to settle the case?? The lawyers office keeps saying there playing phone tag…but I’m starting not to believe it.
whats going on??

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    6 Responses to “how long does an insurance adjuster have to settle a personal injury case with a lawyer?”

    1. Bill Says:

      Usually any delays in settlement are caused by the lawyer. The adjuster needs certain information and documentation to properly evaluate the claim and has to go through the lawyer to get it. Also lawyers are going to take 33-40% of the total settlement value for their fee and if they settle too soon you will think they are cheating you. Normally a PI attorney will only send out 2-4 letters and make 6-8 phone calls during the entire handling process.

    2. RobertG Says:

      my last one took 3 years. dont be surprised if it goes for 4.

    3. Spock (rhp) Says:

      state insurance commission and state legislature set the rules. you’ll have to search specifically for the rules in your state.

      some states will fine the insurance company if they do not make a bona fide offer within a set time period. many won’t

    4. Kathi S Says:

      Depending on the specifics of the case it can take several years.

    5. mbrcatz Says:

      Until the judge renders a decision, after it goes to court.

      The other guy’s adjuster has no time limit.

      Once you hire a lawyer, you can pretty much bet it will be 12 – 18 months before you see a dime. What lawyers do, is slow things down. A LOT.

    6. StephenWeinstein Says:

      Forever. No one ever has to settle anything. Settling is voluntarily. If they do not wish to settle, then they do not have to settle. If they do not settle, then the lawyer can take the case to court, or drop it.