How Long Does it take for a divorce to Finalize in the state of florida?

After the documents are signed by both parties,and submited to the court how long does it take for the divorce to finalize?

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    4 Responses to “How Long Does it take for a divorce to Finalize in the state of florida?”

    1. jude Says:

      took me about 2 months to finalize it.

    2. B Says:

      As soon as you see the Judge and he say’s it’s over.

    3. Mr. Taco Says:

      It totally depends on the circumstances. If all the documents are signed and submitted and nothing is contested anymore, it shouldn’t take very long at all, a couple of weeks max. But it also depends in part on volume of cases. If you hit a busy streak, it will take longer. Where in Florida you live will impact this, too.

    4. lorisam7879 Says:

      FL is one of the few states that does not have a required waiting period after filing for divorce.
      Once all the documents are signed, and filed it won’t take long at all. Just long enough for the court to process & record them….which all depends on how many other divorces & docs they’re working on at the time. I would guess you should receive your final divorce decree within a month at VERY most.