How long does it take to divorce a cheater?

My "husband" admitted that he still in love with a co-worker that he had an affair. That is the only probe I have from this year. Can I use his confession during the divorce? How long is going to take the process?

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5 Responses to “How long does it take to divorce a cheater?”

  1. CoeyG Says:

    In the U.S. adultery is NOT grounds for divorce. (Take the hint). You will have to consult a lawyer as to what grounds you would have and move on from there. Each state has their own time frame as far as separation prior to filing for divorce, you will have to comply with that law once you file it depends upon whehter the other person wants to fight the divorce, or if they want to make changes and could take months, even years.

  2. Aqua12 Says:

    It’s your word against his. He could always deny that in the end unless you have hard evidence.

  3. Ann M Says:

    6mos, but you should seek counseling first and try to forgive them because divorces suck more

  4. MrCool1978 Says:

    It depends on a lot of things, like if you have hard evidence or what you site as reasons for divorce.

  5. jheckle Says:

    If you file for an uncontested divorce today then it would be finalized in as little as 6-8 weeks.