How long does it take to obtain a divorce if you are already legally separated?

My boyfriend has been legally seperated from his wife for over 1 year (not quite 2 years). They have no children under 18 and property has already been divided and monies have been previously settled. How long would it take him to finalize his divorce since he has already signed the separation papers? We’re in the state of Maryland.

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    4 Responses to “How long does it take to obtain a divorce if you are already legally separated?”

    1. tlogan Says:

      In Maryland you can have do an uncontested no-fault divorce if you have been separated at least 12 months. Uncontested divorces are generally very quick. In trying to do a quick look up of divorce laws in Maryland I don’t see any required number of days to wait from the date the divorce petition is filed until the decree can be signed by the judge. If there is no minimum period of time to complete a divorce in some states the divorce can be done the same day as the petition is filed; it is more common that it might take a few weeks though. Call up your county court where they do divorces and ask the court clerk what the typical time table is in your county. The court clerk may be able to direct you to where you can get divorce forms for free (or cheap).

    2. Tiare Says:

      Has anyone even filed for divorce? Sounds like all they need to do is just file and it will work its way through as quickly as Maryland law allows since finances have all been taken care of and sounds like there will be no fight. Sorry, but IDK the Maryland laws, it is 6 months here in california from the time of filing. someone needs to file to get the ball rolling here

    3. ConnMan Says:

      I have never heard of ‘separation’ papers. I am in Texas and I can tell you that in my experience with divorce, I was at the mercy of my wife who had filed for the divorce. So, my point is that ‘whoever’ filed for the divorce really controls the speed of it’s finality. If it is your boyfriend who filed, he needs to grab his lawyer by the tie and tell him to ‘wrap’ this up…now. If it was initiated by his ex-wife, my experience would suggest she can take her sweet time. Our ‘terms’ were agreed on, signed to and yet we weren’t ‘finished’ for nearly 18 months. And it was only because he lawyer wouldn’t act on the doucment. Not sure how much this helps but kick your lawyer in the back side as a starting point to get things moving.

    4. ? Says:

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