how much compensation will he get?

my husband was hit by a 32t truck reversing. he had his elbow replaced and a plate put into his arm. he also suffered wrist drop injury. he was out of work over 3mnths and we have been told there is a chance he will need elbow replacing in the next 10yrs(he’s only 36).

we felt he was lucky to be alive so wasn’t going to claim but has now been told he will end up with arthritis. 2 yrs later he’s still in a lot of pain and the elbow although ok doesn’t straighten properly. he is also struggling with work as this arm is much weaker so will have to change jobs, he has already changed to driving an automatic car as the movement was to much. with him having trouble working and the ongoing problems he has reluctantly gone to a solicitor who has said he has a very good case.

does anybody have any idea of what sort of compensation he is likely to get or a website that’ll indicate this?

the solicitor is actually claiming from the truck companies insurance as the driver who reversed into him sadly passed away a few months later. there. the driver admitted fault at the time but as he was driving a company truck its the company thats supposedly liable. my husband is very uncomfortable with the whole situation and feels so bad claiming he doesnt even like talking about it.

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One Response to “how much compensation will he get?”

  1. Lawnboy & Luna Says:

    Your best bet would be to ask your attorney. Medicals, lost wages, the severity of the injury, the potential for future meds, permanency, and potentially your loss of consortium would all be considered. His attorney will secure all of the necessary medical reports. lost wage verification, and provide the insurance company with all this info and a demand.

    The most you would receive would be the policy limits of the at fault driver. Hopefully, they were adequate. I am not sure if you have underinsured motorist coverage, if you do, your attorney will place them on notice.