How much does a divorce cost in California?

My husband and I have one child together, we don’t own a home, or even an apartment, we live with his parents. I have all the money, he doesn’t have a job. I just want to know if everything goes smoothly and we agree on simple terms with our daughter what will the cost be. I keep my stuff he keeps his stuff. No issues just a plain divorce with no lawyers. What do you think it would cost?

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    2 Responses to “How much does a divorce cost in California?”

    1. bunny Says:

      They say the courts are closing down in California "left and right" a simple divorce can take up to 18 months…I’d go to the closest Legal Aid society OR? -BUY the $30 Nolo Press book out of Berkeley, California on divorce and do it yourself – which right now? May be the very best way for you to go.

      Our courts are in deep "do do" here and it could take short of forever, you’re best in this situation doing it yourself BUT, having the right guidance to do so – Nolo Press’s book will do it for you dear, I guarantee it.


    2. bella blue Says:

      you will have to pay a filing fee with the court. I dont think you will have to pay anything else. Look at the divorce court rules in your area. They differ from state to state.