How much is a divorce with only a house involved?

We have a house together with each of our names on the loan. What can I do to get out from under this in a divorce. What are my costs looking into a divorce with only this item worth anything?

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    5 Responses to “How much is a divorce with only a house involved?”

    1. beaner Says:

      I paid $500 for my divorce to be filed. We agreed on everything and went to a lawyer together.

      You cant get out of the house until you refinance into just his name, sell it and split the equity, or last resort declare bankruptcy and have the debt discharged.

    2. June M Says:

      It does not work that way, usually the cost is determined by the difficulty between the 2 people. If you agree on everything it will most likely cost less. The house will probably have to be sold or if your spouse keeps it you will have to pay 1/2.

    3. Chuck Norris Says:

      sometimes dead’s betta stotch

    4. just me Says:

      Depends on your state and if you guys can agree on what to do with the house. I think its like 250 or so where i live. The hubs and i only have a house too. We first decided were going to sell the house then he decided he wanted to keep it.. we have only had it a year so i didnt see us making any money on it so that was fine by me.

    5. lorisam7879 Says:

      While assets matter in a divorce, they do not affect the cost of the divorce.
      Uncontested divorces do not require lawyers, therefore they’re less expensive and less time consuming. If you two can be amicable about this, and agree on the house then it will be very simple.
      The only way to remove a name from a home loan is to refinance, that may not be possible depending on your credit and today’s economy.