How Much Will I Get For the Accident?

I know this question has been asked time and time again, but I want a ballpark of how much I’m going to get for my personal injury claim from my car accident.

I was hit in December by a madwoman, and was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital where I was treated for cervical and lumbar strain. I had physical therapy for a month and a half. I still have flare ups in my neck, quite frequently, but I haven’t seen a doctor about them because there’s nothing much he can do. They only last for a few days, and by the time I get an appointment the pain will be gone, and wouldn’t you know that they always happen to start up on a Friday.

I’ve heard the 3x the medical bills formula, but should I be compensated for the fact that I lost my job due to my inability to work (I hadn’t been working there for more than a year so FMLA didn’t apply in that case). I was out of work for a month before they fired me.

My car wasn’t badly damaged, because it’s old school and completely made of steel, so they replaced the bumper and all is well, allegedly. But it definitely makes noises that it wasn’t before the accident.

Facts from me: I’m 24 years old, had a pre-existing back injury that I was medically cleared from, never been in a car accident, the accident was the other driver’s fault, and I’m still unemployed but have been actively seeking employment since I was cleared by my doc from this accident, medical bills total up to around 4,000 dollars, I live in Maryland and the accident happened in Maryland. I have an attorney, and I know they’re going to rape me for what little I get.

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3 Responses to “How Much Will I Get For the Accident?”

  1. entidtil Says:

    Each case is different and based on so many different factors that no one here can give you an answer. Since you have a lawyer, ask him ( I’ll bet you already have asked him and he can’t tell you either… right?)
    Tip": don’t go on a spending spree because you are not going to get anywhere near what you are hoping for. Your lawyer will probably end up with more than you get. Good luck

  2. not 2 B fooled Says:

    You may want to try your Q in the "law & ethics" category on YA for better answers

  3. sydkan Says:

    if you have an attorney you need to ask him this. NO one can tell you what you’re going to get. I can tell you that the 3x meds is a myth. Your accident is probably not very much. Almost every minor injury is 6 weeks pt. As far as your job, why weren’t you able to go to work??
    if all the damage was to a bumper i wouldn’t expect you to be out of work for a month.

    Really you need to speak to your attorney. After all he’ll be getting the majority of this money. Aren’t you glad you got one now??/