How to choose a no win no fee law firm

Daytime television is full of adverts for so-called ‘no win no fee’ lawyers and, because of that, it can be tricky choosing one. Most specialise in industrial accidents and the like and, if you think you could benefit from the services of one, it’s best first of all to know exactly what it is you are looking for. Falling victim to the negligence of others can be a very traumatic experience, not to mention a confusing one to navigate, so looking for the best way to claim compensation is the best place to start the recovery for many people.

A no win no fee agreement, often referred to as a conditional agreement, does exactly as it says in the title: it determines what your legal representatives will be paid based on their success in the claim. Essentially it is a risk sharing process, where any risk of the claim being unsuccessful is split between both the claimant and the legal firm, with most no win no fee lawyers engaging in personal injury claims. The flipside of this is that an uplift agreement is usually set in place, whereby a no win no fee lawyer can charge an additional fee onto their standard fee if the claim is successful. This amount will of course vary from firm to firm; so it is always bet to do your research first. If the claim is unsuccessful, there will be no fee to pay and, if it is successful, the fee will usually be recovered by the lawyer through the losing party.

When looking for the right lawyer for your claim, there are several things to consider. Perhaps the most important thing to look for when selecting a no win no fee lawyer is their reputation. A law firm is reliant on their reputation to ensure trust and future business, so any firm should be more than happy to talk you through their successes, or at least send you the relevant information you require. Likewise, find out how long they have been operating in the business, as an experienced lawyer is essential in making a successful claim. Once you have narrowed down your search, start to look for a firm or lawyer that perhaps specialises in your particular claim’s field. If you were injured at work, for example, then look for a firm that has significant experience in winning claims of this nature.

Again, once you have narrowed your search further, it’s time to get in contact with the firm or lawyer to discuss the claim’s details. The first question for many people is the fee. Ask your lawyer or solicitor what their fee will be from the very start, and get this in writing too. Always find out how long the whole process will take, not just the initial claim, and then follow it up by finding out exactly what information they will need from you in return. A good lawyer or solicitor should want to meet with you to go over everything personally before presenting any case.

Discuss what you both think a fair settlement would be, and make sure all of your questions are answered before you agree to go any further, as getting injury solicitors and working towards a claim can be a potentially tricky process to carry out unless you are properly prepared.

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