How to claim a compensation for an accident at work?

The workplace is an important space of existence. A workplace demands time, mind, responsibility and labour from an employee. However, workplaces also demand responsibilities from the part of the employer. The basic legal aspects that define an employer–employee relationship are:
1.    An employer is bound by law to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the employee at work. In fact, a set of legal guidelines outlines the rights of employees and the employer-employee relationship at the workplace.
2.    Such laws even make it mandatory for employers to have adequate first aid facilities at the workplace and also beforehand assess the risks that might involve an injury at work.
3.    These guidelines have clear instructions for the procedures of claiming compensation after an accident at work. The employer is responsible to inform the employee of such possible hazards as a precautionary measure.
Follow these given steps after an accident at work to ensure your compensation claim.
•    Always register the accident at the earliest in the company accident book. If no such book is available at the time then it must be made sure that the details of the accident are registered in a note, a copy of which should be received by the employer.
•    If there is an accident at work, then seeing a doctor is mandatory. Whatever the injury is, it should be ensured that the injury has a medical certificate defining it. 

1.    Have your compensation claim company informed about all the above details.
2.    Ensure that you have photographs taken of the accident spot in the workplace to prove the employer’s negligence on worker safety standards.
3.    If any co-worker witnessed the accident then take down their details and their statement

1.    Employers do not take easily being sued. You can expect many blatant lies from their part that the safety precautions were not unlooked to. Be prepared to dispel these lies with concrete proof. (like photographs)
2.    Your co-workers may hesitate to give evidence against their employers in fear of losing their job.

In order to ensure the safety at workplaces it is necessary that the victim of the accident have all of his or her medical expenses covered via the compensation. By doing this, not only the victim’s claims will be justified, but also precedence will be set for safety standards at the workplace.

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