How to divorce a Filipino without going to the Philippines?

My brother has a wife in the Philippines that he wants to divorce. He is in the US and cant go there anytime soon. He lost his job, like many people in the US, and cant afford to go there right now. He does not want to tie up her life being married to him. Is there a way for her to get a divorce without him going to court. He is willing to sign papers he just cant go there for a good while.

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5 Responses to “How to divorce a Filipino without going to the Philippines?”

  1. tigrizzle Says:

    As far as I know divorce is illegal in the Philippines. It’s not illegal in the US. Consequently I expect he can’t get divorced from her in the Philippines, only in the US.

  2. Say Bye Says:

    Should be able to . Have him divorce her in america.

  3. Dick Burns Says:

    Sorry thought this was going to be a joke.

  4. William Says:

    Since any two people are only as married as they feel, probably divorce works the same way.

  5. A B2 Says:

    through the consulate.
    why do many guys do that search women in Brazil, Philippines, Russia etc?
    and the american women?
    who reap what we sow.