How to filing for divorce in 2 different states?

I stupidly got married when I was 18 and now I’m 21 and want a divorce. My husband lives in Maine and I live in Florida now. We do not own any joint cars, homes, or anything, just 2 dogs. We are on ok terms, I dont think we will need a lawyer. But how do I begin to file for a divorce when we live in 2 different states? We were married in Maine. Where do I find the papers? How much will it all cost in the end if I do or do not hire a lawyer?

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    One Response to “How to filing for divorce in 2 different states?”

    1. titania_woodland_fairy_queen Says:

      File the papers wherever the person filing lives. if you are in different states serve him papers certified mail. He can respond and sign the final papers by mail.

      IT will cost however much a noncontested (assuming) divorce in your state costs. Call your county court house self help desk they will tell you the waiting time and fees since that is where you will file the papers.