How to Find Legal Aid Solicitors

There is help for those low on cash but with a need for legal advice. These types of people are known as legal aid solicitors.  Most are professional solicitors and lawyers that volunteer their time and services to those in need. They cannot turn you down based on race or gender.  They can turn you down based on income. If you make too much money, you will need to look elsewhere for legal help.

Legal aid solicitors can help with cases of discrimination, criminal defense, and certain financial issues. Legal aid solicitors cannot help with most compensation claims. This is in accordance with United Kingdom law. However, they can suggest low cost solicitors and no win no fee solicitors.  They may also advise you on bill collection activities taken against you when you are behind in payments due to lost wages resulting from your injuries.

If you are in need of filing a personal injury claim and do not qualify for legal aid, there are still options available to you.  According to United Kingdom law your costs incurred while filing your claim (including court fees and solicitor fees) must be paid by the guilty party once you win your case.  (The exception is in Scotland where you are responsible for payment once you win the case. The amount you must pay is dependent upon how much you win.) If you lose your case you are still responsible for payment but may be able to make payment arrangements. Get all fees and payment dates in writing beforehand. The best option is using a claims firm or solicitor that will not charge you any fees unless you win your case.

If you want to find legal aid solicitors there are a few options open to you. Citizen’s Advice and Citizen’s Advice Scotland offer free information about legal aid.  They will talk to you over the phone, in person at one of their offices, or by email.  They can even arrange to meet with you at your home or in the hospital. They are a registered charity relying on public funds to cover operation costs. The Legal Service Commission offers legal aid to people in England and Wales.  They rely on solicitors and lawyers that volunteer their time.  They work in cooperation with both the Community Legal Service and the Criminal Defense Service.  The Legal Aid Commission does not provide any legal services but it does help you calculate your income to see if you qualify.  Be prepared to answer questions about your finances and legal issues before consulting with them.  The Scottish Legal Aid Board is available to those in Scotland.  The Northern Ireland Legal Aid Board is available to help find low cost and free legal
aid for citizens of Northern Ireland.

If you feel you are justified in filing a personal injury claim, you may want to consult with a firm that specializes in your needs.  Look for solicitors and firms that offer no win no fee representation.  If you have other legal problems resulting from your injuries, you should seek advice through legal aid solicitors.

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