How to find out if a divorce document is legal or not?

My parents had split up 3 years ago after 18 yrs of marriage. My dad moved out the same night after an argument. 1 year later, my dad hands my mother a document stating thats the divorce paper. Yet again, she had never gone to a court, nor received any kind of documents by mail, nor signed ANY kind of document before. We went to several courts, but they all say that we ahve to go to a lawyer. Each lawyer that i call wants to charge me. How to find out?

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One Response to “How to find out if a divorce document is legal or not?”

  1. chio Says:

    Check the papers he handed you. There should be a court name on the top (e.g. 2nd division of the x county of y state). Call that county courthouse clerk’s office and ask them if they have a copy of whatever divorce document was handed to your mom.

    I’m a bit surprised that no lawyer would give you a free consultation. Keep checking the phone book – maybe you can get a free legal opinion from an attorney in your state (that would be the best answer).