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In a state like California, there are a large variety of lawyers available for the services of auto accidents and personal injuries.  It can be difficult to decide how to choose the best lawyer for your case.  It can also seem overwhelming with all those that are available.  Which one is better than the next?  How can I tell?  What kind of things should I be looking for?  Here are some of the things people should be looking for in their representation.

First thing to look for is the type of cases a law firm normally accepts.  Most lawyers have a particular focus that they are best at representing.  It would be ineffective to hire a prosecutor if you are a defendant.  It is the same with personal injury and car accident lawyers, as well.

The next thing to look for is experience.  How many cases has a particular lawyer represented?  It would certainly be better to hire one who has done 100 cases as opposed to someone working on their first.  In the same breath, it should be mentioned to look at a lawyers record.  Just because they have worked on hundreds of cases doesn’t mean they’re a good lawyer.  Two lawyers can have worked on 500 cases each, but one may have a record of 500 wins and 0 losses while the other hasn’t won a single case.  Which of the two would you hire?

A final thing to look for, and possibly the most important, is the fees a lawyer charges.  You can hire a great lawyer, but it would be counterproductive if you cannot pay them.  It is better to find an affordable lawyer with a decent record than a highly expensive lawyer with a good record.  The compensation you are looking for is more than likely going to be received either way.


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