How to Get Personal Injury Compensation

Have you been told that claiming personal injury compensation is a hard and length task? If the answer to this question is yes, then continue reading. This article will elaborate on some simple steps through which you can get maximum personal injury compensation for no costs.

Step #1 – For road accidents claimants are advised to call an ambulance if anyone is injured. For work accidents claimants are advised to follow the protocol set by their employer which may mean first showing the injuries to a doctor at work. If the injuries sustained are not severe or if there is no set protocol at work then claimants can visit a general practitioner to get their injuries treated. In no circumstance should claimants ignore treatment nor should claimants attempt self treatment.

Step #2 – For road accidents claimants have to contact the police so that a police report can be filed. The claimant will be given a copy of the police report after formalities at the scene of the accident have been completed. This copy of the police report has to be submitted along with other documents while filing for personal injury compensation. For work accidents claimants have to contact their supervisor as soon as possible so that details of the accident can be reordered in an official accident at work book. Claimants should remember that by the law all work accidents have to be recorded in the employer’s accident book and failure to do so can lead to claim related problems.

Step #3 – To get personal injury compensation for road accidents and work related accidents the claimant has to collect proof to support the fact that he sustained a personal injury. Documents to indicate personal injury include medical papers with diagnosis, current medical records, prescriptions, treatment bills and treatment receipts. The claimant will also have to prove that the personal injury accident occurred due to no fault of the claimant. To do so the claimant will have to find a witness who has witnessed the accident and is ready to testify if required. Claimants are advised to take a written statement with a signature from the witness for their own records.

Step #4 – The last step to file a  personal injury accident claim is to find a personal injury solicitor. Claimants are advised to find a solicitor who offers no win no fee services since this allows claimants to get help without paying legal fees. No win no fee solicitors help claimants file the claim, represent claimants in court, take photo copies of various documents and prevent claimants from making mistakes. These legal professionals also intervene when required and ensure that there are no problems between the two parties. Solicitors also prepare the claimant for the court by helping him understand the procedure and policies of filing a claim.

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