How to handle the car accident related law suit?

My wife recently involve a car accident, at the scene, there is no person to ER, no serious injury from both car, but after about one week, we receive a letter, who claim to represent another driver, and claim the personal injury, and start the law suit.
This is the first time I ever get involved in any kind of law suit, and will like some advice from the experience people here.
1. what kind of amount they can ask, is there some kind of cap?
2. who will make the first initial contact, my insurance company, or I have to hire a lawyer.
3. will my insurance company represent me in this case?
4. who will make the final judgement, is in court or out of court?
Any idea of how to properly handle this kind of case is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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4 Responses to “How to handle the car accident related law suit?”

  1. theboy295 Says:

    hey, to be honest, you should really hire a lawyer because it depends on the injury and a lot more factors. First call your insurance company and ask them the questions you have and if they are no help, hire a lawyer. You could take it to court if you want to but i suggest talk to a lawyer, and usually they will tell you how much it will cost you to hire them and before that, describe your problem to them..

    before you do anything, call your insurance company and ask them what to do. they will advise you something and they are your insuance company so they should be able to pay for it. Tell them what happened at the scene

  2. not 2 B fooled Says:

    Proper steps need to be taken in an accident
    1 – have the authorities there to make a report, even if there appear to e no injuries
    2 – contact your insurance company immediately
    3 – let your insurance company handle the claim – that is what you pay them for; tell them about the law suit and they will take care of it; do not contact the lawyer or other party to discuss anything !!!

  3. ken k Says:

    turn the letter over to your insurance co this why you pay them

  4. brittni0877 Says:

    1. It depends on the state laws. Your insurance company will be able to answer this question.
    2. Contact your insurance company to file a claim. Advise them that you received suit papers and fax them to them immediately.
    3. If this does go to court, your insurance company will have an atty represent you. In most cases, the atty will settle with the insurance company.
    4. The insurance adjuster will make the liability determination. If the atty agrees, they will settle the case. If this goes to court, usually it is brought before a jury.
    **If you have any additional questions, ask the claims adjuster that is assigned to your claim. This sounds like a minor accident, so it probably will be settled out of court. The other party probably just thought they could get some money 🙂 Your insurance company is on your side, though!