How to prepare Jury Trial hearing and its paperwork at small claim court in Chicago, Illinois?

I got car accident, fortuntely I didnt get hurts, only my car got big damages, the fault driver’s insurance refused to pay me full repairs. only very little portion of repair estimates. my insurance policy is liability only, I do not have money to pay the full repairs. So i hv to sue faultdriver at small claim court. Now it will be final step – Jury Trial hearing. The defendent got attorney who was hired by his insurance, I do not hv attorney since my case is too small, only property damage without personal injury. no attorney would like to take it. I won the Arbitration hearing, but the defendent attorney filed appeal to the court against the arbitration decision. Now I dont know how to prepare Jury Trial hearing and paper including 1, opening statement of case; 2, Jury instruction; 3, Motions in Limine; 4, Additional questions i’d like court to ask during voir dire; 5, Settlement offers; 6, Settlement Autority. Who can advice me how to write those papers and what to speak?
I did call bar association to talk with their referal attorneys,nobody wanna take my case or even further talk in details with me.

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One Response to “How to prepare Jury Trial hearing and its paperwork at small claim court in Chicago, Illinois?”

  1. Phil R Says:

    Preface: I am NOT admitted to practice in Illinois. Therefore, what I have to say is based on a general understanding of American Civil practice.

    With very limited exceptions, small claims proceedings are NOT an proceeding which involve lawyers. In some cases, a lawyer can elevate a claim from small claims to a court of higher record, but that is rare.

    I would recommend that you spend the consultation fee for an attorney in your state, Illinois, who can give you an hour or hour and a half worth of adviceon what you need to do.

    The money you spend with him/her will be recouped with how well you perform in the court. Of course, when you discuss it with the attorney, you may find that you have other claims which will transfor m the case.. but I can’t speculate given your information.

    If you don’t know an attorney, contact your local or state bar association for a referral.