How to stop a divorce thats already started?

I live in Florida and filled for divorce back in April. We have mediation scheduled for the end of September. The problem is I don’t want this divorce to go through, and I know my husband would be willing to work on our marriage. Is there any way to stop this divorce from happening. Or is it to late.

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6 Responses to “How to stop a divorce thats already started?”

  1. cougar Says:

    A lawyer can file papers for you that will put the divorce on hold for awhile.
    It will cost about 800 dollars. Talk to a divorce lawyer. He can withdraw your petition.

  2. sacredclay Says:

    You need to contact an attorney that specializes in divorce. You can move on from there. Good luck!

  3. fairiepenguin Says:

    First, contact your attorney and ask to put this divorce on hold; second speak with your husband to confirm that he wants to work on the marriage; third, determine what you need to do such as a couple’s marriage retreat, counseling, etc. You as the client can always stop the divorce proceedings if you choose to but be prepared to lose the money you have paid for filing fees and most of your attorney fees. If you put things on hold and attempt a reconciliation then you won’t have to pay new filing fees if things don’t work out and you want to go forward with the divorce at a later time. good luck.


    To stop any divorce, anywhere, you simply notify the lawyers involved and/or courts that a filing will no long be valid. Make sure you are both in agreement first. It is never too late to stop a divorce…up to and including the courts ruling of one.

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  6. Denise Says:

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