How to support Sister going through divorce?

I am somewhat estranged from my sister who lives across the country, but found out through family that she is having a really hard time and her husband is pushing for a divorce. What is the best way for a family to support a sister going through a divorce? If you’ve gone through a divorce, what support did you find helpful?

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5 Responses to “How to support Sister going through divorce?”

  1. aShLeY84 Says:

    there’s really nothing you can do but tell her you love her and if she ever needs anything you will be there for her.

  2. michael k Says:

    I found it best that family stay out of the situation in all 3 of my divorces. You can offer moral support but don’t get involved too much in the situation.

  3. stupendous Says:

    Maybe just reach out to her on the phone, and listen to her, if she wants to talk. This might be a way for the two of you to get closer, because it is sad that you are estranged.

  4. Skinny Dippin' Says:

    dont be to intrusive.. just let her know that if she needs to talk or anything you will be there for her

  5. oh_jo123 Says:

    just call your sister and let her know that you are there if she needs anything … I went through a divorce and really only needed the comfort of my son while going through the divorce as I asked for it first