I had a car accident 2 years ago, do'nt need physiotherapy now, what to do?

I had a car accident about two years ago where somebody drove into the back of my car at a considerable speed leaving me injured. The pain was really bad at the time and I got my car fixed on the third party’s insurance. My solicitor has been dealing with it since then but before I can get any compensation for my injury I have been sent a cheque for £350 for physiotherapy which I need to have then send an invoice to my solicitor for.
The problem is since it has been two years my injury is now better and I do not need the physio. So i do not know what to do about this money and how I could get a receipt to say I have had treatment. I would be happy to go for a few treatments maybe two or 3 but I simply do not have time to have the full amounts worth. Any advice on what to do would be appreciated?? thanks

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3 Responses to “I had a car accident 2 years ago, do'nt need physiotherapy now, what to do?”

  1. Eartha Q Says:

    You should arrange to go in for the PT. Back problems can and do often reoccur. The physical therapy will keep your back in better condition and prevent further injuries.

  2. sandman Says:

    Go or send back the $

  3. Linda R Says:

    Well your not in any pain now but it may come back to bite you when you get older !! I would talk to your lawyer and tell him what you told us but I wouldn’t sign off on my injury ask if you can keep the money for future physio or give it back and try and get a cash settlement for future pain and suffering !!!