I went to Birmingham city centre with my wife on saturday 13 august 2011. After going to 2 bars then refused entry to GateCrasher for having to much bling we went a few bars down and entered there for our final hour. On exit from the bar, not drunk but happy and buzzing more from energy drinks than alcohol, i continued down the road hand in hand with my wife when i was suddenly grabbed and manhandled into a doorway. i was roughly handled and as i was in shock let them handcuff me. They then started getting rougher which made me pull back to which i was thrown to the floor and had my legs strapped like a yob in front of my wife and the whole of Broad street. All this is on CCTV, i was put in the van and then had the living **** kicked out of me and took to steel house lane, i was knocked out by this coppers brute force and only came round as a WPC in the van was shouting at him to get off me, i came round with him standing on my head. I was sent to hospital twice to where i kept telling them i will discharge myself to get home, this went on for hours. I was questioned while i was suffering from concussion and had been awake by this time for about 45 hours. I was not given food by the police and given two sandwiches at hospital. I had my trousers and boxers pulled down round by the leg restraints and all the blood from my nose and mouth cleaned before they took me in the police station. I was arrested at 2.00 am sunday morning and released 5.20 am monday morning. I had a pair of earings worth £150 go missing and they gave me £51 back from £280 which me and my partner spent £60 from this on drinks and a taxi to the city. I am now being charged with assault on two police officers and they found a can of CS gas and are trying to charge me with firearm offences???? Setup or what !!! i have been to the doctors twice and had all injuries documented and photographed as i am now pressing charges of assault etc etc. What are my human rights, citizen rights ( british uk citizen born here if that makes a difference ) and who will deal with this as most solicitors including mine will not deal with complaints against the police, as my solicitor stated they group together and lie to save their own skin. I did nothing wrong but havn’t been to work since and feel angry, scared, can’t sleep through thinking about iy and can’t eat. My wife seen this and was abused and left high and dry in the city centre with no money or a way to get home to our kids and could of been raped. Why have i been set up as they can’t control some looters but kick the **** out off a single man with his wife. I am 42 and not a child but this has traumertised me and i don’t know what to do, can anyone help please………

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    1. rafferty Says:

      ok now I would like to hear their side of events.

      I find it so very very hard to believe that you were minding your own business, walking down the street and all of a sudden half of the police force jumps you

    2. John Cow Says:

      Sue the fuck out them and claim a report

    3. Randy B Says:

      I can’t help but doubt the legitimacy of someones story when something like this happens to them and their first reaction is to post it here and ask what to do.

      Thanks for giving me something to read as I went for a dump though.

    4. Emanuela Says:

      You must take the preouccupazione team up in some political parties including the "use"

    5. Randy F Says:

      I’d say that your ole lady wants to get rid of you in a bad way plus I don’t believe your story at all. It was sort of funny reading though. You have to write like Erudite used to do for it to be really funny……